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Jaguar Nights Oracle

The Jaguar Nights Oracle will consist of 165 cards and an explanatory book. Some of the basics behind the usage and construction of the deck are included in Jaguar Nights: A Journey Through the Tzolkin, Appendix 3.

The card set consists of five each of the 20 day-signs, and five each of the 13 numbers. This is so you could, possibly, do a five-card reading (where "card" means daysign + number) and get 5 identical days. Artist Michael A. Giza has been working on the drawings for over a year while I perfect the book. We sometimes share preliminary sketches on our Jaguar Nights Facebook page.

We are still debating releasing the book by itself in electronic format, for use with any Mesoamerican themed cards, to be updated with our own card images when they are done, if there is any interest.

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