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Jaguar Nights: A Journey Through the Tzolkin

Print (Amazon) | Print (Barnes & Noble) | Kindle

592 pp, prices vary by retailer (usually $19.99 to $30.00)

This is the original book I started back in the early 1990s, first as a series of notecards, then an elaborate Access database, translated into a manuscript, expanded and re-written several times, and then finally a 600 page published opus in 2011. It's now under revision, using the new hand-drawn graphics by my artist Michael A. Giza that are also in the 2014 calendar (and all subsequent calendars and publications). The new edition will also include updated historical information, with happening from 2012 and beyong. These new events will also be listed on the extras page here, for those who bought the original print edition. If you bought the Kindle edition, you should be updated automatically by Amazon when I submit the revised file. E-books have full-color graphics.

“Gevera’s grasp of the Maya/Aztec mindset and their calendars is impressive! In this work, not only does she cover the existing base of knowledge thoroughly, she adds significantly to it with her own insights and the amazing, unique techniques she’s developed. Her writing style connects personally with her readers—you feel like you’re sharing an intimate journey through the spiral of time with her.”
—JANET BOOTH, author of
Janet’s Plan-its™ Celestial Planners

It’s About Time!

The Tzolkin is a beautiful and simple calendar as well as a system of astrology and divination. It holds the keys to many doors and to life cycles previously unnoticed. Jaguar Nights is a uniquely organized reference book devoted to this sacred 260-day cycle. Each of the 260 dates has two pages of comprehensive information. No more searching to figure out what everything means! It includes advanced material on how to use the calendar for divination augury, relationship compatibility, rituals, and electional astrology, all fully explained, plus 94 years of correlation charts.

Now available! Jaguar Nights Daykeeping Journal: a 260 page blank book for expanded exploration of the Tzolkin. Every page has a day-sign glyph and affirmation.

Use Jaguar Nights for two Tzolkin periods as a daykeeping journal and energy guide, and as a reference for many years. When you immerse yourself in an alternate view of time, the world starts to look different. You relate in a new way as you see patterns that you never noticed before. Learn to define your place in the great spiral of time, and find your connection to the cosmos, with the Tzolkin. Step out of your world for a little while, and find a new set of rhythms to live by.

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