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Jaguar Nights Companions Series

These two books are extra, expanded material in the Jaguar Nights family of books. They aren't necessary for the enjoyment and use of the yearly calendar or the big Journey book, but if that information intrigues you and you want to know more, or to figure out dates and correspondences beyond the reach of those books, these low-cost, high-information e-books are for you.

companion #1 coverJaguar Nights Companion #1: Reverse Tzolkin Ephemeris

Kindle | Nook
472 pp $5.00

Jaguar Nights Companion #1 is a reverse ephemeris—instead of looking up a Gregorian calendar date to find which Tzolkin date it is, all the Gregorian dates from 1900 to 2060 are ranked by Tzolkin date. Find out when a Tzolkin date last happened and when it will happen again. This can be useful for interpreting divination results, electional astrology, personal guidance, journaling, daykeeping, and more.

This is not meant to be a stand-alone book; you need knowledge of the sacred 260-day Tzolkin calendar of the Maya to utilize the information. For full information about the Tzolkin please consult Jaguar Nights: A Journey Through the Tzolkin.

companion #2 coverJaguar Nights Companion #2: 150 Year Ephemeris

3786 pp $5.00

Jaguar Nights Companion #2 is a 150-year ephemeris for several Mayan-Aztec calendar cycles, including the Mayan Long Count, the Haab (secular calendar), and the Tzolkin (sacred calendar), along with the Aztec Xiuhpohualli (secular calendar), Tonalpohualli (sacred calendar), and the 9 Lords of the Night. It is a giant reference table spanning 1904 to 2054. Simply look up a Gregorian calendar date to find which Mayan or Aztec calendar date it is.

This is not meant to be a stand alone book; you need knowledge of the calendars of the Mayas and Aztecs to utilize it. For full information please consult Jaguar Nights: A Journey Through the Tzolkin.

The syntax of each entry is:
Gregorian Calendar date • Long Count • Haab and Xiuhpohualli • Tzolkin and Tonalpohualli • sacred direction • Lord of the Night • New Age Energy (when appropriate)
Secular new years (0-Pop/0-Izcalli) are marked in bold blue.
Sacred cycle beginnings (1-Imix/1-Cipactli) are marked in bold red.
The New Fire ceremonies (every 52 years) are also marked (1923, 1975, 2027).

If you don't own an e-reader, you can download free Kindle reader software for just about any platform from Amazon--and if somehow your electronic devices aren't supported you can read any Kindle document in your browser. Even if you own a physical e-reader, you can also put these books on your smart phone or tablet for instant access using the free app.

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